Low-cost ways to boost your new-patient numbers

boost your new-patient numbers

Business tips for healthcare companies: boost your numbers

When a patient comes to your dental or medical practice, they assume that you know how to do the check-ups, but what they are really looking for is that personal touch.

Patients want friendliness, a calming atmosphere, and high-quality treatment all at once.

Here are some low-cost considerations to boost your presence, and increase your new-patient numbers:

What message does your practice atmosphere portray?

Your practice needs to feel homely and welcoming, as well as clean and full of the latest resources.

Your practice ‘message’ also means defining your strategy and philosophy. How to define your brand message.

Your customers have needs, wants and demands.

A good business strategy is one that aligns the services and core values you provide with these customer demands.

More about customer needs.

Stay in touch with your customers

Email marketing campaigns, sending letters, and even company cards at Christmas can instill a friendly atmosphere.

Social media presence is important for reaching a wider audience. If you haven’t already, set up Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

If you have social media sites, and you need further specified business coaching, then speak to a professional business coach today. Learn more. 

Internal marketing is vital

  • Patients want a relationship they can trust, especially when it comes to their health.
  • During appointments, tell your patients something about yourself personally, engage in a conversation so that they feel comfortable in the chair.
  • Use good listening skills, eye contact, and smile at your customers.

This sounds simplistic and you may be thinking ‘what has this got to do with marketing?’

But, think about it – you are quite literally the face of the business and the services you provide, so the impression you want to create is one of comfort and friendliness. Your internal marketing is important for this.

This will encourage informal referrals as well as the loyalty of existing customers.


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