Sales & Marketing, SEO et al

Sales & Marketing

Without marketing and an effective sales strategy, a business has no way of ensuring potential customers will know what products and services are available, or how demand can be met.

Marketing plan

A good marketing plan should address:

Who are your customers and what do they want?
Where are your customers?
How can they be targeted effectively?
What do they know about the products already?
How is your market changing?
Where can new customers be found?
How well are your competitors meeting the needs of current customers?

Only when you have begun to answer these questions will you be able to find new business and get the edge on your competitors.

The tools

How you advertise depends very much on the nature and size of your business and the market you are targeting. For a plan to succeed, they must be backed up by strong advertising campaigns able to exploit your brand identity and to communicate your product or service.

The internet is another useful tool for marketing your business and selling your products. Setting up your own website isn’t as hard as you may think, there are many companies offering SEO packages which allow you to get online by yourself.  See here. To create a truly professional site however, you may want to consider recruiting a web design agency.