If your business requires more than one PC or laptop you should be thinking about networking.

Installing a network in your office will allow you to share printers, files and even one internet connection among all your computers.

Setting up a network in your office is easier and cheaper than you may think. You will first need to invest in a ‘Hub’ or ‘Switch’. This connects everything together either by wires (in the case of standard Ethernet), or by an access point or router (in the case of wireless Ethernet).

Ethernet based systems are the most popular option because of their low price, although you do need to consider the cost of wiring and installation.

Wireless cards do away with the need for a mass of cables running through your office. They are becoming cheaper and faster all the time, but you need to ensure security measures are taken.

To go to wireless, you’ll need to:

Buy a wireless access point/router and attach it to your outgoing cable or DSL modem/router
Buy a wireless card for each computer on your network
Buy a wireless card to peripheral machines on the network, such as printers or multifunction machines.